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The interim services company specialized in procurement

We complement eachother, you and me.

Procurement is more than negotiating a discount, a bonus or some extras. Procurement is the profession which allows your customers to enjoy your products or services, while facilitating costs and risks are managed, and profit is generated.

I can advise & assist with setting up and organizing a professional procurement strategy and dito department, and execute your temporary position. This way I will bring maximum added value to your company.

Together we will improve processes, products and results.

Interim capacity

I will provide you with myself, an excellent professional or manager who is capable to get the work dons, and help you or your procurement-team at the same time. Dedicated project of temporary work, i will help you.

Consultancy & Advice

Are you wondering if procurement can be done more efficient? Deliver more value? Let us plan a meeting and i will open your eyes.


With our partner Spic&Scan we believe in automation of repeatable tasks and in the use of modern state of the art procurement processes and software. We can offer your company fit-for-procurement-software.

What sector are you in?

I will mind your business

Feed / Food / Pharma

I can delivering value with my extensive knowledge of products, suppliers- and customermarkets.

  • Packaging
  • Ingredients
  • Capex
  • Management

SME’s / Start-ups

I can quickly implement Best-in-class procurement processes in the shortest possible time.

  • Management
  • Development
  • Capex
  • Software


Develop and manage procurement processes and -function, interact with

  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Quick results
  • BOM-parts

Interim capacity. Ingredients & Packaging. Improve procurement process. Increase reliability of Procurement data. Reduction of Packaging suppliers.


Interim capacity & Consultancy. Project buying. Implementing new working methods and processes. Improve reliability and centralization of data in ERP.

Process Installation designer

Consultancy. Analyse and advice professionalism of procurement and future processes



+ 28000000

Hard Cash Saved


+ 12000000

Added Value



Customer Satifscation


+ 40

Companies Worked For

Jarno Baaijens

Reaching out to me is not difficult. The economy is working 24 hours and my customers expect me to do the same. But they want me to deliver and perform, so they allow me to sleep, sport and enjoy private time. If you contact me at an inconvenient moment, I will contact you as soon as possible.


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